2015-12-13 13:40:43 by DoloresC

Hello, hello, good evening, good morning :)

I passed first year of my studies, I took part in big number of Game Jams and I'm pretty much happy of that. Lately I started painting pixel arts and decided to post them and promote them a little I guess. So you are welcome on my:

* Facebook

* Tumblr

* Twitter

and I'm back on Deviantart ^_^

Ask me anything :)

Also I decided [with my friends] to make Indie game. It will be probably 2D platform game with pixel art made by me ^^ We will post it on Steam I guess :D


Kisses and hugs :3

Blog and new portfolio incoming

2015-03-17 06:09:26 by DoloresC

Ok, I haven't been here for a while so I updated lastest works. Not many of them but still! 

* main page for "Yes, Daddy!" on KrakJam -> Global Game Jam

* Hand painted wall and floor textures for friend's game

* Apocalyptic Industrial City - made as a test scene for (then) future job (acutally I'm working there)


What else? Finally I've got paid jobs which helps me improving myself and reach my goals in texturing and modelling. I decided to make portfolio - but the real one. With own name and blog. It's underconstruction still and blog is on blogspot, where I'm going to add not only finished works but also short films about my hand painting textures and progress :) 

You are welcome :)


Kisses! <3


2013-08-21 02:05:10 by DoloresC

So, right now I'm collaborating with kikill. I've almost finished first background for his game ^^ I can't wait for permission to upload it here :3